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apresentacao miguel rolo

Miguel Rolo was born in  Anadia, March 12, 1973. From early he has demonstrated its high sensitivity for shooting. At 17 he starts working in a photo studio. Four years later, the need to do better leads him to accept new challenges. He goes to work in a  industrial photography laboratory  in Coimbra city, a renowned business group with  signed renown in  professional photography.

Making visible what went unnoticed … immortalizing it in a photography.

In 1997, the dissatisfaction of one who wants to evolve, who wants to follow your direction and solidify a career, led him to open his own studio. And that’s where it all begins in an even more serious and determined.

Miguel Rolo has created its own image, its very peculiar style. But nevertheless underlines that has no secrets, only a strong sensitivity to light and perspectives.

He is an nonconformist  with the crisis that people insists on. Then, he developed (with a computer programmer), a forum dedicated exclusively to professional photographers, in order to create an Open Space where professionals can share their opinions, ideas and knowledge.

Miguel Rolo is a photographer who has a low-profile style with qualitative results inversely proportional to the discretion he is using during the work of image capture. It is a follower of maximum advocated by French poet and essayist Paul Valéry, who defended the elegance be “the art of not being noticed, coupled with subtle care to leave himself distinguish.”